Mr David McLaurin Clinical Psychologist in Berwick provides strategies for Depression


Depressed mood and irritability and loss of interest in usually enjoyed pursuits from time to time is not unusual, as individuals experience fluctuations in their emotional experience as part of normal healthy psychological functioning.


It may be unrealistic and perhaps unachievable to expect ourselves to be optimally happy all of the time.


Nonetheless, when mood becomes more persistently diminished and an individual loses interest in usual activities previously enjoyed over a longer period of time, accompanied with a variety of other symptoms that start to contribute to difficulties functioning in various spheres of life (e.g. work, socially and in other important areas), this can be an indication that a Depressive Disorder is occurring.

Major Depression

Persistent Depression

Depression due to a Medical Condition

Premenstrual Dysphoria

Substance/Medication-Induced Depression

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder


Depressive Disorders treated by Berwick Psychologist Mr David McLaurin